Find Your Niche in your drop ship store

There are so many avenue’s that you can take once you’ve selected a drop shipper. These are things to think about because they are very important to your business and it’s success. The very first thing should be the type of store you want. Do you want a department store with many categories from all product types? Do you want a store that is all about candles? Candle holders, candle lanterns, candelabra’s, candle chandeliers and candles? What if you just want to sell a type of decor. Nautical, Old World, Cottage style, Shabby Elegance, Country French, Western and etc. You could sell collectibles or outdoor decor. There are so many choices. So this is very important.
Next, your name. The oh, so important name. Let’s say it is a candle store. Say your name is Sherry. Do you want to name it Sherry’s Candles? Candles by Sherry? Or do you have a name that is clever such as The Wax Factory or Candle Scentsations? Maybe a place? The Chateau? Before I set certain on a name I would check to see if it is available as a .com. What I mean is websites are found a lot easier when they are a .com instead of, say .net. http://www.The . You may not think you are going to use a Domain, but it would be wise to have one. Your chances of being seen are many times greater. You can go to numerous sites to pick out a name or “Go Daddy’s” where I prefer because of their customer service. Your name will be around $12.00 a year and then higher once your established. I will explain this in my next blog.
Now you have your name and type of store…how do you want to sell? There is volume selling, constant sales and for profit margin. Say you want to make $500.00. You may have an item that cost 10.00. You may mark it to sell for $12.00 so you can sell them quicker. You could sell more of them faster. Maybe you sold 150 of them, at $2.00 over the cost. Maybe you charge $30.00 a piece and sell 10 of them. Maybe you show that they are $20.00 now on sale for $15.00. This is purely psychological where the customer thinks they are getting a great deal. You would have to sell 60 of them. This is purely up to you. The market will usually dictate some of the price. You can’t always get a great price. Let’s face it you are competing against a ton of stores.
Next your store. If you are going to sell your items at a higher price, your site needs to be fancier. More luxurious. The total look of your site might just mandate how much you charge.
Next blog we can get into different levels of domains and store design ideas.

I hope this gives you something to think about as owning your own store is exciting. If you start with a firm foundation and build up, you will be glad. There is nothing harder than renaming your store 10 times and not losing customers and website standings. This is truly like tearing down the bricks and walls and starting fresh. It can be done, but much care must be taken.

I hope during this time, you have a blast deciding what you would like in a store. It is like a recipe without the measurements. It takes a little bit of this, a little bit of that and a whole lot of dedication.

Let’s make your dream a store and your store a dream come true.

Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping


Look at all the Talent…Where is Mine?

Have you ever looked around on the web at all of the talent? People who can paint, make beautiful jewelry, take vivid pictures, design websites, make furniture.  I know of a lady who makes memory bears for people using her feet.  She takes special pieces of their clothing or what you want her to use and makes these beautiful bears that you can hold that have the essence of that person.  I know this because we lost our daughter and my mom told me to pick out some of my daughter’s clothing and get one.  How can some one have more talent in one of their feet than I have in my whole body?

We simply look at talent wrong.  Talent isn’t just something of the arts.  There are people who can make wonderful speeches, motivate others to succeed, run a company, make others feel better or stir a feeling at all. Everyone has a talent.  It may not be the one you want but you can sure work with the talent you have.  You simply have to find it.  This is usually just trying different things and making determinations of what you do best. Trial and error, trial and error, trial and error…  We all want to know what our talent is right now!  Sometimes we aren’t ready to handle the talent effectively and we find out as we mature.  Sometimes we bump right into it.  Don’t despair.

Maybe your talent is running a business.  Maybe it is your own business.  Yes, I know there is a lot at stake but not if you cross your t’s and dot your i’s.  We offer these opportunities so people can find whether they are talented at running their own business or whether their not. This is because there is no overhead charges.  No inventory, warehouse, employees to pay, products to find or building for offices.  We supply it all.  Lets get started.

Joe and Cindy Rhineheart have a website that they feel needs some help.  They also have a drop ship company where they feel like a number.  The products sounded great but between all the expenses, the products ended up higher than 99 out of 100 ebay stores. They have to pay a surcharge for every drop ship item and simply can’t afford to do this anymore.  They are broken.  They have decided to give it another try if they can find help.  They really thought if they had great products and a website people would come.  This happens all of the time.

1.  We supply a large assortment of quality home and garden products.
2.  We drop ship for free.
3.  We mail all of your items to your customers without our names anywhere.
4.  We give you the tracking numbers to supply your customers.
5.  We offer a  30 day money back guarantee
6.  We can help you with your website
7.  We can build a website for you
8.  We know what it takes to get a website recognized so it will rank high
9.  We will set up your facebook, twitter, stumbleupon sites and more
10. We will help you set up a great blog
11. We will market and promote your store
12. We will make video’s for you
13.  We will make you logo’s and banners
14.  We can make business cards too
15.  Starting to get the point?

We have the products and services to help you succeed with an internet store. Since you only purchase an item after it sells, you are out no money.  This makes this the perfect opportunity to see if running your own business is a talent you have.  We can help you find that talent and harvest it.

So look at all the talent.  Where is yours?   Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping might just be your cup of tea.

See you in your dreams
Lesa and Taylor
Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping & 58th Street Marketing….Sister Companies with one goal

Cozy Cottage Takes Drop Shipping to a New Height

We have a website that will describe our drop shipping program in detail. It lets you know who we are as a company, who we are, our services, our drop shipping sign up form and more.  It is basically a website that is used to help sellers understand our mission, what we stand for and more personal info for our drop ship program .  You can still email us and we will send you a form, or go to this site and fill one out. We promise we are the best drop shipping company you will find.

We are currently setting up our package deals for marketing programs that you may want.  These packages include the drop shipping program and site building and/or logo’s and business cards and/or social media set up (setting up your facebook and twitter accounts including your fan page on facebook) and/or website promotions.  We are very excited to have our sister site, “58th Street Marketing”  with us to better service your needs. We will have a website ready for you to view these packages and 58th Street Marketing information so you can get to know them

You should be very excited.  We have not seen this type of program combination anywhere.  Most marketing sites charge an arm and a leg, but not ours.  We are here to ensure your success and help anyway we can.  Most drop shipping programs have their product prices too high for you in general, not mentioning any room for you to profit.  Look around and see.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that the bigger the site, the cheaper the rates. Wrong… Please take your time in searching.  We look forward to having a long and prosperous site with you.  Fill out our simple form and lets get started building your business today.

We look forward to meeting all of you and having a rewarding business opportunity with you.

James and Lesa

Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping
Cozy Cottage Wholesaling


Bootstrapping a “Start Up” Small Business

Bootstrapping A “Start up” Small Business

Bootstrapping a small business basically means you fund your small business without any outside financial help.
Most small online businesses that follow this idea set challenges, unforeseen, that they have to overcome to be successful.
Let us show you how you can kick off the “Bootstrapping” Challenge and increase your views, sales and profit while on your way to success.

Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping has taken out the guess work and challenges of starting up your own online business with our uniquely combined membership & marketing packages. Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping offers you a dynamic membership package that includes “Jump Start Marketing your Small Business” for your current marketing needs. We work side by side with out OurSister Company, 58th Street Marketing, and have several Marketing plan options you can purchase separately or inclusive with our Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping membership.

Ask us how you can benefit from owning your own business, setting up your online business, to selling your own products and we’ll be happy to talk with you on your future goals.
For more information about our membership and services, Visit us on the web @
Don’t forget to view our contact page for membership application.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping is a subdivision of Cozy Cottage Wholesale

Drop Shipping and Drop Shipper Information

Drop Shipping and Drop Shipper Information

What is DROP SHIPPING? How Does it Work?
Sell merchandise on the internet, auctions, home parties, catalogs or anywhere without buying it first!

  • Buy only what you’ve already sold! With over 90% of our items, you’re able to order just one and not a whole dozen or a whole case! We list minimum quantity on all of our items. Some of the items you may need to buy in multiples are, selected key chains, plush animals, some jewelry items, magnets, some incense holders and a few more.
  • Eliminate inventory, packing and costly packing supplies, trips to the Post Office or UPS and all the paperwork involved. Let us do the work for you!! This gives you more time and money to promote, make profits and take care of your customers. Great customer service is the most part of any business. This is how so many companies keep loyal customers for years and years.
  • Don’t pay for shipping charges twice. First to you and then again to your customer!! When you buy inventory, you have to pay shipping for the items to be shipped to you and then turn around and pay for shipping to your customers. Although your customers will pay for shipping fees to them, your profits will be higher when you don’t have to pay shipping at all.
  • Quit wasting your time taking pictures and writing descriptions! Use what we’ve already put together!! Ever been lost for words? How about those pictures that just don’t come out right? You’ll never have to worry again. We’ve got great pictures and accurate descriptions of every product. Since a potential customer can not actually touch an item, you need to have clear pictures. Most people don’t even read about a product, they buy what LOOKS good. But if they do read a description, you want to make sure it’s accurate while enticing.

Dropshipping is when you order an item or items and we ship them directly to your
customers. (U.S.A. Only) Whenever possible we will provide you with tracking
numbers for your orders.

Drop shipping is designed to help those customers who are operating a catalog mail order,
Internet, Home Party, door to door or fund raising business. Flea market vendors, retailers
and others who wish to purchase singles of an item instead of by the dozen or by the case
load, also use it to help reduce their costs and increase their profits. No need to spend
thousands of dollars on inventory, you need only buy what you’ve already sold.

We do not charge additional fees for drop shipping. This is a free service we offer our
customers. If you would like an order dropshipped, simply order as you normally would. Enter
your customer’s address as the “Ship To” address and your address as the “Billing” address.
Next, leave a note in the special instructions area, such as “This is a drop ship order.”
Don’t worry, your pricing is secret with us, as we do not include any prices on our packing

Dropshipped orders must be prepaid. All drop shipped orders must be prepaid by
Mastercard, Visa, Discover or Paypal. Drop shipping can save you a lot of time and money
on shipping charges. When you use our free drop shipping service, you are eliminating
double shipping costs.


We do ask that you fill out simple information if you would like to be a drop ship member with us.  We will email the form to you once you email or telephone us, letting us know you have interest in a Cozy Cottage Wholesale Membership. We would like to contact you so we can give you additional information and materials.  As a member, we do offer additional materials to help you with your business.  We include our phone number so you can contact us with any questions. Membership is $50.00 a year that can be paid in full or monthly installments of $25.00 per month for2 months. We do this in attempt to weed out the sellers who are not that serious and would be wasting our time when we could be spending it with members.

We can also offer marketing/promotional packages which can be customized to fit your needs.

Do you have a facebook or twitter account? Let us help you open these social media accounts which will help your sales tremendously.  We can also help you with internet marketing so your business will be seen online.  We have a full array of catalogs and promotional materials that will be made available to you.  Do you need help with your website or ebay store? We can also provide help in these areas.  We are here to see you succeed.

Contact us at:

Cozy Cottage Wholesale:  Located in Seattle Washington. Owner’s, James & Lesa Richardson

Email:  info or

Telephone number: 360-358-5039

Drop Ship and Wholesale Differences at Cozy Cottage Wholesale

Anyone wanting to have their own online store or ecommerce site, as it is called, has to have a product to sell. Some people have their own inventory and use pictures they have taken of the inventory to place the products they have for sale online. This is one type of seller. Then there are the people who do not want the overhead expense of a warehouse to keep the products in and the financial burden to purchase the products and hope they will sell. This is the 2nd type of seller. We do business with both types of seller.

We have a Wholesale Company that works with stores who need inventory in their stores. Most of these store owners are “brick and mortar” stores. This means there is an actual physical building you shop at with the products on hand for you to view and handle. We love our store owners and have even gotten to see some of their stores first hand. This is exciting for us and is fun to see how they have the products displayed. Each store has its’ own personality even if they sell some of the same products. It is all in the look and feel.

Look and feel… hmmm… This is where it gets hard for the 2nd type of seller. They need the product to display it online in their store. The difference is they don’t have the product on hand. We offer a way for them to show the product and describe it as well. They choose how they want their site to look and which products and types to sell. This is where they have to get creative if they want their store to have a certain look and feel to it. Once the product is sold we ship the product to the customer. Our Company stands behind the quality of our products and offers a 30 day return policy. We take care of the product, shipping it and the seller takes care of their customer’s, the returns (with us) and their store. It can be a match made in heaven if both parties are on the same page. This means they are both working with the same goal for quality of service and goods.

This is why we like to take an application for drop shipping. Since we can’t physically see the store by travel, we need to ensure that we are being represented by responsible, caring, honest business men and women. We refuse to sell to anyone with a get rich quick scheme on the Internet. You hear of horror stories of bad drop shippers and bad sellers. Our job is to prevent both.

The main reason both types of sellers succeed with us is profit margin. We are not charging retail to our stores who then have to mark the prices up to make a living. You find this a lot so please shop around and ensure that the price point is right.

We are here for the public as well. We sell home furnishings specializing in Shabby Elegant, Cottage Chic, Country French, Tuscan and lodge decor. We offer home accents for every room and don’t stop there, we offer lawn and garden products as well. We have all types of items to make gift baskets with and there is not a gift that you can’t find when you are shopping for every occasion.

Please stop by and shop a bit. If you have any questions about our wholesale services or drop shipping memberships please contact us at

Cozy Cottage Wholesale