Thank you for everything Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to stop and think of all the wonderful things our mother’s do for us.  It’s also a time for Mother’s to stop and think of their children.  There is nothing more precious than a mother child bond.  It is the tightest bond and one that can never be broken.  It make become tainted with anger but brush it all away and the relationship is still there and always will be.  Just think our mother’s walked us to our first day of kindergarten and cried all of the way home.  I know I walked my daughter to kindergarten and watched her from the window and yes, I was crying. They picked us up when we fell and patted our backs to get back out there again.  They helped us decorate our rooms in grade school and we got the crayon set with the sharpener and we were “it”.  Our Mother’s did all of the things we do for our own children.  Sometimes we need to step back and say, wow…my Mother did these same things with me.  As Mother’s we dream of our children and what their lives will be once they have left home.  Sometimes we dream of ways to get them to leave home (lol) but mostly ways to keep them home.  We think of the wedding, becoming grandparents and their job opportunities.  Our Mother’s thought of these same things.  Even though we sometimes feel we are miles apart in our philosophies, we still did the same things, just differently.  As we celebrate Mother’s Day, remember it goes both ways.  Celebrate your mother and celebrate your children.

My daughter and I are very close.  We always were.  I sit and wonder what her children would look like, who she would marry,  would she live close to us or move away?  Hold your children and your Mother’s tight on this special day.  Time is so precious as my daughter died a tragic death when she was 21 years old.  I will never have an answer to those questions.  Time moves so fast that it is crucial that we slow down and take time out of our day to love our families.  Celebrate Mom and Mom, celebrate your children.  What a wonderful day!


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