Bootstrapping a “Start Up” Small Business

Bootstrapping A “Start up” Small Business

Bootstrapping a small business basically means you fund your small business without any outside financial help.
Most small online businesses that follow this idea set challenges, unforeseen, that they have to overcome to be successful.
Let us show you how you can kick off the “Bootstrapping” Challenge and increase your views, sales and profit while on your way to success.

Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping has taken out the guess work and challenges of starting up your own online business with our uniquely combined membership & marketing packages. Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping offers you a dynamic membership package that includes “Jump Start Marketing your Small Business” for your current marketing needs. We work side by side with out OurSister Company, 58th Street Marketing, and have several Marketing plan options you can purchase separately or inclusive with our Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping membership.

Ask us how you can benefit from owning your own business, setting up your online business, to selling your own products and we’ll be happy to talk with you on your future goals.
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