Look at all the Talent…Where is Mine?

Have you ever looked around on the web at all of the talent? People who can paint, make beautiful jewelry, take vivid pictures, design websites, make furniture.  I know of a lady who makes memory bears for people using her feet.  She takes special pieces of their clothing or what you want her to use and makes these beautiful bears that you can hold that have the essence of that person.  I know this because we lost our daughter and my mom told me to pick out some of my daughter’s clothing and get one.  How can some one have more talent in one of their feet than I have in my whole body?

We simply look at talent wrong.  Talent isn’t just something of the arts.  There are people who can make wonderful speeches, motivate others to succeed, run a company, make others feel better or stir a feeling at all. Everyone has a talent.  It may not be the one you want but you can sure work with the talent you have.  You simply have to find it.  This is usually just trying different things and making determinations of what you do best. Trial and error, trial and error, trial and error…  We all want to know what our talent is right now!  Sometimes we aren’t ready to handle the talent effectively and we find out as we mature.  Sometimes we bump right into it.  Don’t despair.

Maybe your talent is running a business.  Maybe it is your own business.  Yes, I know there is a lot at stake but not if you cross your t’s and dot your i’s.  We offer these opportunities so people can find whether they are talented at running their own business or whether their not. This is because there is no overhead charges.  No inventory, warehouse, employees to pay, products to find or building for offices.  We supply it all.  Lets get started.

Joe and Cindy Rhineheart have a website that they feel needs some help.  They also have a drop ship company where they feel like a number.  The products sounded great but between all the expenses, the products ended up higher than 99 out of 100 ebay stores. They have to pay a surcharge for every drop ship item and simply can’t afford to do this anymore.  They are broken.  They have decided to give it another try if they can find help.  They really thought if they had great products and a website people would come.  This happens all of the time.

1.  We supply a large assortment of quality home and garden products.
2.  We drop ship for free.
3.  We mail all of your items to your customers without our names anywhere.
4.  We give you the tracking numbers to supply your customers.
5.  We offer a  30 day money back guarantee
6.  We can help you with your website
7.  We can build a website for you
8.  We know what it takes to get a website recognized so it will rank high
9.  We will set up your facebook, twitter, stumbleupon sites and more
10. We will help you set up a great blog
11. We will market and promote your store
12. We will make video’s for you
13.  We will make you logo’s and banners
14.  We can make business cards too
15.  Starting to get the point?

We have the products and services to help you succeed with an internet store. Since you only purchase an item after it sells, you are out no money.  This makes this the perfect opportunity to see if running your own business is a talent you have.  We can help you find that talent and harvest it.

So look at all the talent.  Where is yours?   Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping might just be your cup of tea.

See you in your dreams
Lesa and Taylor
Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping & 58th Street Marketing….Sister Companies with one goal