“Shabby Elegance” not just your mother’s decor

“Shabby Elegance” not just your mothers decor…

Posted by Lesa James Richardson on March 25, 2011 at 11:32 AM Comments comments (0)

So many people ask me, ” Isn’t shabby elegance just antiques or victorian style?” This really is a good question.  Although you can use antiques and some of those may be victorian in style, shabby elegance is so much more. It is the art of using distressed or weathered items.  The color schemes are more pastel, using a lot of white as well. It is taking some shabby items, refurbishing them and making them “chic” or “elegant”.  It is a room that is so comfortable not only in style but literally as well.  Our mothers may have antiques that we mix with our “shabby elegant” items but the style is lighter, patterns smaller and stripes in matching pastels.  I would like to clarify that I do include sage green in the pastel family.  The lamp on the upper right side is more of our mothers style and the lamp on the left is “shabby elegance”.  Slip Covers over sofa’s and chairs to hide their true colors and give them crisp, clean and comfy make overs. Here are a few of my favorite “shabby elegance” items in the store today.  (I change my mind daily).

You see the distressed white wood with carved legs and trim on drawer. The drawer knob is clear and the shelf is perfect.  I could just stare at it and feel at ease.  This is “shabby elegance” to me.

Here is another of my favorites:

Again these are distressed white wood and come as a matching pair.  One shelf is longer than the other.  There is a fleur de lis pattern that appears upside down.  There is a lot of carvings and design but in a “shabby” manner that has been painted a bit.  I love the small vase with the white roses as it is so simple and soft.  I also like the way they look on the pastel yellow wall.  Simply Shabby Elegant.

Here is another:

These would be gorgeous on the table or shelves.  They are matching candle stands with delicate crystals dangling from them.  They are painted white and look “so shabby elegant” on distressed white wood.  They are froo froo, soft, shabby and elegant.

Email us your favorite things, ideas and pictures.  I will use them all, with the credits with them.  Thanks to my fellow “shabby elegance(r’s) out there. Drop in the store and browse.  We have new items today and I think you will love them.

Decorate your dreams come true…

Simply, Lesa

Simply Shabby Elegant,      Cozy Cottage Wholesale &   Cozy Cottage Drop Shipping


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