We have a special program for dropshippers

If you are looking for a qualified dropshipper to handle all of your product needs, look no further.  We have over 3,000 items to chose from and new items weekly.  We offer special dropship pricing and you never have to purchase the items until they sell.  Once you are approved, you will have pictures and descriptions to use on your site as you would like. Your store will remain personalized as it is your own store and taste, yet our products you are selling. We will package and ship the items to your customers for you.  You can contact us for more information.  We service a lot of stores on the internet and our services can not be beat. We guarantee our products for 30 days after the item reaches your buyer.  There are many more benefits and we are currently updating the information on our site.  You can still contact us and we will get the info to you.


We still sell to brick and mortar stores who need to carry inventory.  We offer wonderful display ideas and can recommend items that are in demand in your area.  We always have top sellers and wholesale pricing especially for these stores.  Contact us if you would be interested as we do have bulk pricing and special pricing on quantity and shipping.  We have even visited some of the stores we sell to.  It is so nice to put a face on a store, so we enjoy meeting all of our store owners.  For those who we haven’t had the opportunity to visit, we like to exchange photo’s as we like to be personally involved.  We want you to succeed and are always available for new ideas and trends.


***Just wanted to let store owners know that we have special programs for them as well as consumers who are purchasing from our site. We are so excited to be able to sell our products at wholesale pricing.  We aren’t talking about cheap products, just cheap prices.  As our motto goes, ” Expensive taste ~ Inexpensive Prices”.


Happy new year to all and may this year be a time to make new friends, hold those you have closer and become selfless in our relationships. Sometimes the best feelings you will ever have are when you do something for others without needing any attention for it.  Surprise someone with something and leave your name off of it.  Let us also not forget those families who are struggling and those who are living on our streets.  Coats and blankets at this time of year are priceless.  Get together and do a coat drive.  Just think what our world would be if we all chipped in just a little.  Food for thought…




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